Legal Services in Columbus Specialized for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgendered Families


lgbt-parents4The legal world is a complicated one, but for lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, or transgender families and couples. There can be additional hurdles to overcome. Attorney Wendi Henderhan understands your concerns and the challenges facing LGBTQ individuals and couples. Her knowledge of LGBTQ-related laws means she can assist you in multiple legal aspects of your partnership or marriage.

Whether it’s filing for bankruptcy, setting up a healthcare power of attorney, or crafting a complete estate planning package,, Attorney Henderhan will help you through these tough legal decisions with compassion and professionalism. It is important that you feel completely comfortable with your lawyer which is why we encourage openness and honesty.


Specialized Services Include:

Same-Sex Bankruptcy
Every bankruptcy case is different but Wendi Henderhan has worked with countless individuals and families to overcome these challenging times. LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples can file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If the couple is legally married, they can file for bankruptcy together which can save in filing fees and the stress of completing two bankruptcies at once. Laws are different for domestic partnerships so Attorney Henderhan will work with you to choose the best solution.

Deed Preparation
If you are creating a deed or transferring ownership to a spouse, partner, child, or into/out of a living trust, Attorney Henderhan will be there to make sure all the requirements of deed preparation are fulfilled. Same-sex couples are fully protected under the law from unfair federal gift taxes or estate taxes. Wendi Henderhan will defend your rights and make the deed creation or transfer process simple.

Healthcare Power of Attorney
In the event that one partner becomes ill, injured, or hospitalized, it’s important to have a healthcare power of attorney in place. Same-sex couples can face discrimination in healthcare situations, but Wendi Henderhan will make sure that you and your partner are clearly protected. Healthcare power of attorney agreements allow spouses and partners in LGBTQ relationships to make healthcare decisions for their loved ones. Don’t wait until an emergency strikes. Get your healthcare power of attorney completed today.

Last Will and Testament & Living Wills
Protecting your family and being prepared for the future means having a Last Will and Testament and Living Will in place. A Last Will and Testament dictates how your assets will be distributed after your death while a Living Will lays out your wishes for end-of-life decisions in the event that you cannot communicate due to a coma or other incapacitation. Thinking about these situations is never easy, but Attorney Henderhan will walk you through the necessary steps to ensure your spouse, partner, children, and even your pets are protected and provided for.

Name Changes
Although same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states and laws governing name changes should apply equally to same-sex and opposite-sex couples, LGBTQ spouses may find additional difficulties. Wendi Henderhan helps make your name change go smoothly so you can enjoy your married life together as a unified family.

If you are an LGBTQ+ individual, couple, or family in Columbus, Worthington, or Lancaster, we can assist you, your spouse/partner, children, and loved ones with all of your legal needs. Call today for a free consultation with us.

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