Financial Set-Backs & Bankruptcy

Are You Considering Bankruptcy After Experiencing a Financial Set-Back?

No matter your income range, there are many life events that can leave you feeling financially fragile or underwater. At these moments, you may turn to the idea of filing for bankruptcy in Ohio. Financial wellness looks different for everyone, but no one wants to be on the other side where you’re stuck feeling confused, hopeless, or wondering what to do next about your financial situation. Attorney Wendi Henderhan is here to help explain how bankruptcy in Ohio may be the answer.

What Is a Financial Set-Back?

Financial setbacks can take all shapes and sizes. You could be facing an unexpected medical bill, costly house repair, or a sudden job loss. It’s also a fact that when it rains, it pours. That emergency fund you smartly saved up might be useful for your car repairs after an accident but wouldn’t stretch to cover your additional medical bills. When crisis strikes, many people can fall behind on everyday bills and expenses.

Whether you’ve run out of paid leave caring for an ailing family member or your basement startup didn’t take off as you expected, these events and more can cause a disruption in income which triggers a financial set-back. You then risk facing the threat of wage garnishment, home foreclosure, or car repossession, which can be incredibly stressful situations to handle. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be this way.

What Happens If I Experience a Financial Set-Back?

If you find yourself in a financially fragile situation, you may have options. Bankruptcy is one avenue to consider when a financial set-back strikes your bank account. You can get out from under the burden and stress of debt and get a fresh start with your credit.

Don’t wait to gain your financial freedom. Call Attorney Wendi Henderhan today for a free consultation. Atty Wendi Henderhan can help you by providing Ohio bankruptcy options that enable you to keep your home and cars. It costs you nothing to find out how to become financially stable again. Call today!