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Will I lose my house?

The reality of a potential home foreclosure is difficult and traumatic. Creditors usually provide several notices in advance of a foreclosure, but it is an upsetting possibility and one you can avoid.
Many people who face foreclosure are experiencing difficult circumstances like falling behind on payments due to job loss or illness. Others may have received a rate increase due to an adjustable mortgage, making their monthly payment beyond reach. The earliest stages of a foreclosure process can take months and this gives you an opportunity to evaluate and possibly negotiate a solution.
Attorney Wendi Henderhan has helped many clients put plans in place to support their financial needs regarding their homes. Some people just need a chance to catch up on their payments. Others want to let a home go because they are “upside down on their mortgage”, meaning the home value is worth less than the amount of outstanding debt.
During your free consultation with Attorney Wendi, you will be able to get the answers you need to make important decisions that will impact your future. She will review your documents for any fraudulent practices, and protect your legal and financial interests with banks and mortgage companies.
In these challenging times you need advice and attention from an experienced, knowledgeable and local attorney, not a paralegal from a big law firm.
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