Estate Planning Services from Experienced Lawyers in Columbus


“I’m too young to worry about all that…”

While this is a common attitude, creating an Estate Plan now can save money, time, and legal hassle for your beneficiaries because you are clearly laying out your medical, financial, and final wishes. Estate planning may involve Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Deed Preparation. Wendi Henderhan is a leading expert in Columbus and Lancaster at helping you navigate the complicated business of handling your estate.

Consider what you are leaving behind for your loved ones; not only your assets, but also the potential stresses your family must endure to claim them. If you aren’t prepared with an estate plan, you could be leaving behind a heavy legal burden.

Last Will and Testament
A Last Will and Testament lays out how you want your estate handled and divided after your death. Thinking about life after death isn’t emotionally easy. However, if you have assets you want to pass down to your spouse, children, or even pets, your wishes are important and should be legally documented.

Without proper documentation, your loved ones could end up fighting the courts to regain control of your assets. Attorney Henderhan shows compassion and understanding while helping you navigate the process of creating a Last Will and Testament.

Living Will
Wendi Henderhan has years of experience helping residents of Columbus, Worthington, and Lancaster create Living Wills. A Living Will lays out your end-of-life decisions in the event you are unable to communicate due to a physical incapacitation, such as a coma. It does not allow anyone the power to make healthcare decisions for you while you are still able to do so. Without a Living Will, doctors and your family will have to guess at what your wishes would be which can lead to disputes, delayed care, and even legal battles.

With a Living Will, your wishes will be carried out by all persons. It can be supplemental to a Power of Attorney for healthcare or exist as a separate document, but it’s important to make clear your end-of-life decisions so that doctors and family alike understand and can properly carry them out. Living Wills can be dissolved or changed at any time and the document only remains legal while you are alive. After death, a Last Will and Testament comes into effect. Call the Henderhan Law Firm today before disaster strikes and your family is left guessing.

Durable Power of Attorney
A Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA) gives someone the right to make decisions concerning the handling of your estate both while you are still able and if the unforeseen occurs. Powers of attorney are most utilized only after you are incapacitated, which is why it’s crucial this document be made while you are well and able.

The Durable Power of Attorney can be as broad or specific as you wish and Attorney Henderhan will walk you through each point to consider so you have a full picture of the powers granted in the document. Most often, a separate DPOA for healthcare and a DPOA for finances are created. Henderhan Law firm will help you make important decisions concerning your executors and agents to ensure your power of attorney covers everything you need.

DPOA for Healthcare
If something happened and you could not make medical decisions on your own, who would you trust to decide for you? A DPOA for healthcare names a proxy who is authorized to make determinations concerning your medical care in the case of either mental or physical incapacitation.

Both DPOA for healthcare and Living Wills are called advance directives, meaning you are spelling out your medical wishes before the unexpected happens. A DPOA for healthcare is not for end-of-life medical care only, though it may include that information. The Henderhan Law Firm is highly experienced in creating durable powers of attorney for healthcare.

A trust is a legal agreement in which you allow another person (a Trustee) the power to manage your assets for a person of your choosing (the Beneficiary) as set forth by the conditions in the trust document. There are numerous benefits to creating a trust and Attorney Henderhan will help you choose the best plan for your unique circumstances.

Since assets are bundled under the trust name, the transfer of ownership upon the death of the trust creator (the Grantor) is immediate. Any assets held solely in the name of the deceased person that are not covered in a will or trust can be lost, necessitating long court battles and delays in handling the rest of the estate. Trusts also protect assets from creditors who want to close outstanding debts and from federal taxes such as estate or gift taxes.

A trust comes into effect immediately, making it the easiest way to get your estate planning in motion. It won’t cover everything though. You still need a Last Will and Testament and other legal documents to cover your remaining assets. The Henderhan Law Firm can help you set up a trust today for the benefit of your family in years to come.

Deed Preparation
A deed is used to transfer ownership of real estate from one person to another or from a person into a trust. The Henderhan Law Firm has experience drafting many types of deeds, including general warranty, limited warranty, joint & survivorship, fiduciary, and quit claim deeds. We can also provide transfer on death designation affidavits, which simplify the deed transfer process upon the death of the owner. Managing your real estate is important and a properly drafted deed will ensure your transfer goes smoothly.

Whether you are unmarried, a single-parent, or a couple with expanding assets, at the Henderhan Law Firm, your estate planning needs will be professionally handled with understanding and compassion. We also specialize in estate planning for LGBTQ individuals and same-sex couples. Ms. Henderhan can assist you in establishing an estate plan tailored to your unique needs.