Bankruptcy Process for Corona Virus Covid 19 Columbus Ohio

The coronavirus has upended many services and processes including the bankruptcy process. What we know so far is that cases CAN BE FILED. We also know that while some hearings are scheduled via teleconferencing, others are reschedule for later dates, so there is no worry about a mandatory court appearance while maintaining health safety.

Creditors have not indicated that they will cease collections during this confusing and constantly changing time. However, filing a bankruptcy petition puts the automatic stay into action therefore, protecting you from creditors. Creditors can no longer pursue collections once your case is filed. This means lawsuits, wage garnishments, and creditor harassment stops.

Temporary measures at Henderhan Law include the following for new and current clients:

  1. New clients can get a free PHONE CONSULTATION with Atty Wendi. To schedule, call or EMAIL at: 614-738-9695 or 740-361-6518. Evening hours are available.
  2. All calls and emails are being returned within 24 hours. Please reach out if you have questions concerning your case.
  3. Our office is actively preparing cases to be filed with the Bankruptcy Court. You can drop off payments and documents at either office. Please call or EMAIL for details.
  4. We are still electronically filing cases for our clients. You will be signing your bankruptcy documents with Atty. Wendi via teleconference and all case documents are being filed electronically with the court.

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